Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual Toothbrush

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Oral health is an extremely important topic that everyone should be concerned about. Maintaining good gum and dental health is not only vital in keeping a great smile, but it can also affect your overall health. When it comes to the topic of electric toothbrush vs manual toothbrush there’s no question: an electric toothbrush is far superior to a manual toothbrush. Here are some things to consider.

  • Cleaning ability – An electric toothbrush easily beats a manual toothbrush in this regard. A good electric toothbrush is simply going to remove more plaque and food particles from the teeth. When using a manual toothbrush, every stroke has to be done with your arm, but an electric toothbrush vibrates and pulses automatically, thousands of times per minute, which is something you’ll never achieve with a manual toothbrush.
  • People with limited mobility – For those that suffer from limited mobility due to a stroke, injury, or arthritis, using a manual toothbrush properly and sufficiently can be almost impossible. Electric toothbrushes are great in this regard, because they require very little dexterity and arm movement, allowing those with limited mobility to get an excellent clean of their mouths.
  • Time needed to brush properly – Provided you take the time to brush properly, a manual toothbrush will always take you longer to get a complete clean. Since an electric toothbrush vibrates so quickly, it takes much less time for the user to clean their mouth thoroughly. This can add up to a lot of time saved over days, weeks, and months.
  • Bad vibrations? – Here is one downside of electric toothbrushes. Some people, especially children, may simply not like the way the vibrations feel inside their mouth and head. Admittedly, they can take some getting used to. Some electric toothbrushes come with adjustable settings for those that dislike how the vibrations feel, but if it’s just too much, a manual toothbrush might be better.
  • Electric toothbrush & built-in features – Many electric toothbrushes come with built-in features to make sure you brush properly and thoroughly; for example, features like brushing timers (to make sure you get the dentist-recommended 2 minutes of brushing in), pressure sensors (to ensure you do not use too much pressure on your teeth and gums), etc. Many kids will find it difficult to get down a proper brushing technique, in which case a specially designed kids electric toothbrush may be the perfect tool to teach them.
  • Sanitary concerns – If you have concerns about your manual toothbrush not being clean enough – which is definitely a valid concern – you may be interested in knowing that some electric toothbrushes come with UV sanitizers which are designed to remove up to 99% of germs and bacteria from your toothbrush heads. If this sounds like something you’d like, a model like the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 which comes with a UV sanitizer, would be an excellent purchase.
  • Price – Truth be told, in general you can expect to may significantly more for a good electric toothbrush vs a manual toothbrush. With all of the built-in features of electric toothbrushes, this is simply unavoidable. However, consider this: can you really put a price on good oral health? A good electric toothbrush will last you for a few years (and if it doesn’t, most have warranties) which comes out to a few dollars a month for an excellent toothbrush. If you can afford an electric toothbrush, in the long run it will not only save you money, but will be a great investment in your future oral health.

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush – Which One Wins?

In the end, it’s plain to see that an electric toothbrush is far more preferable to most people. Although – with proper time and technique – a manual toothbrush can actually get the same result as an electric toothbrush, not many people will know how to use one properly. Not only this, but the added features and functionality of electric toothbrushes mean that they are most often superior to manual toothbrushes in many ways.

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