Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 Review

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000Oral-B is one of the most recognized names in the world of dental hygiene products, and the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 is one of the top-rated electric toothbrushes on the market. It features a patented “deep cleaning” mode which claims to rid your mouth of up to 99.7% of plaque buildup, including all areas that are difficult to reach with a regular toothbrush.

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000 — Product Overview

  • Oral-B “deep cleaning” mode removes 99.7% of plaque from hard to reach areas
  • Special “sensitive mode” – gentle on teeth and gums – great for those with sensitive mouths
  • Polish mode claims to whiten and polish teeth in 3 weeks
  • Wireless SmartGuide helps clean teeth optimally
  • Pressure sensor stops pulsations when brushing too hard
  • Comes with recharging base which doubles as travel base
  • Comes with 3 brush heads: Sensitive, Floss Action, and Whitening

As you may know, electric toothbrushes are sometimes rough on the gums, but the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 is specially designed to be gentler on the gums. I thought this was a great feature for people like myself who have sensitive gums.

Included with the SmartSeries 5000 is a small charger base which also doubles as a portable travel charger. It can store extra toothbrush heads for travel, or to sit out to dry while not connected to the toothbrush itself. I really like the charger base, and it takes up a very small footprint in the bathroom, which is great for those of us with a small amount of available counter space. Also included are three brush heads: Sensitive, Floss Action, and Whitening. Heads are cheap to replace, and can easily be purchased cheaply online.

How Well Does The Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 Work?

If you’ve never used a high-quality electric toothbrush before, you’re in for a treat. The first time you use it you will definitely notice how much cleaner your mouth feels. You can tell that you’re getting a much closer clean than with a standard toothbrush, or even compared to other, cheaper electric toothbrushes on the market.

You may find that the SmartSeries 5000 is a bit heavier and bulkier than other electric toothbrushes you might have used before, but it’s really not a big deal. It’s also a bit noisy, but that’s to be expected with an electric toothbrush. Having said that, it’s not nearly as loud as what you would expect from a cheapo electric toothbrush you’d find at the grocery store.

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker like me, you’ll definitely notice a great improvement in your teeth and gums after using this toothbrush for a few weeks. Make sure to brush at least twice a day, and I’m sure you’ll notice an improvement, too.

You may notice some slight gum bleeding the first few times you use the toothbrush, and I’ve seen that reported elsewhere online, too. This usually means that you should try using the Sensitive brushing mode, as well as possibly one of the Oral-B Sensitive brush heads. If you do experience bleeding, it will usually not continue after the first few times you brush, granted you’re brushing properly without excessive pressure.

What sets the Oral-B 5000 apart from the SmartSeries 4000 (and makes it a bit more expensive) is the Oral-B SmartGuide that comes included in the box. What exactly is a SmartGuide? Well, let me explain!

So, what is the SmartSeries 5000 “SmartGuide”?

The highlight of the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 is the included SmartGuide display unit. I would say that it’s roughly the size of a standard size of playing cards. While it also doubles as a nice bathroom clock, its main function is as a guide to help you optimally clean your teeth, giving valuable feedback to let you know if you’re using the brush properly. Let me explain:

Normally, the SmartGuide will show the time of day, but as soon as you turn the Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 toothbrush on, the SmartGuide will immediately start a 2:00 timer that counts up, but can also be changed to a timer that counts down, if you prefer.

Oral-B SmartSeries SmartGuide

As you can see in the picture, there is a segmented circle split into quarters in the right side of the unit. Each segment of the circle corresponds to the four quadrants of your mouth: (upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, lower-right) and the SmartGuide will indicate when you’ve brushes each section for the 30 seconds recommended. The section that is flashing is the quadrant you should be brushing, the sections that are solid are the quadrants already done, and the sections that are transparent are the sections you have yet to clean. When the 30 seconds for a quadrant is up, the brush will pulse to let you know that it’s time to move to the next quadrant, just in case you didn’t pick up on the SmartGuide’s indicator.

As you can see in the above picture, there is a small tooth graphic on the display that indicates which cleaning mode the brush is currently in. The brush will always start in Clean mode, but you can also push a button on the side of the unit to switch between the other modes: Sensitive, Massage, and Polish, each meant for a different purpose that their name indicates.

Another great feature of the SmartGuide is its ability to tell you when you are brushing too hard or not hard enough. When you are brushing too hard, an indicator will pop up with a warning sign, letting you know to ease up on the pressure a bit.

All in all, the SmartGuide is a great tool to have for those new to electric toothbrushes, especially for children you want to teach to properly brush their teeth. It may be a bit gimmicky and unnecessary for those that are experienced in using an electric toothbrush, but it’s still a neat thing to have.

What’s the Conclusion on the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000?

There’s no question that the Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 is a great electric toothbrush. There’s simply no comparing it to cheap electric toothbrushes on the market, and going with this unit is like buying the luxury sports car of toothbrushes. It has a well thought-out design, convenient small and portable charger base, included and varied brush heads, and simply feels like you’re getting a much cleaner mouth than usual. All in all, we can definitely recommend this toothbrush to you.


  • SmartGuide is very cool; ensures that you brush properly and for long enough time
  • Leaves your mouth feeling clean, which is always nice
  • Features various brushing modes and heads for all types of mouths, including those with sensitive gums
  • Small portable charger base is very convenient


  • Somewhat heavy and loud, although that’s to be expected
  • Slightly expensive, especially when compared to manual toothbrushes.
  • Some reported gum bleeding, however usually remedied by using Sensitive brush mode and heads

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