Using an Electric Toothbrush on Crowns: Is it Safe?

A question I sometimes see raised about electric toothbrushes is this: can I safely use one on my dental crowns? To make a long story short: yes, you can! However, there are some recommendations you should follow before you start using your electric toothbrush on your crowns.

The American Dental Association (the ADA) advocates the use of both regular and electric toothbrushes on dental crowns, but with one stipulation: the toothbrush should meet the safety requirements as given by a respected safety group. Toothbrush manufacturers are required to show proof by means of clinical studies that their toothbrushes are proven to be safe for various purposes, and that also includes the topic of the day: dental crowns.

There should be absolutely no issue with using an electric toothbrush on your crowns, and in fact, it will probably do a much better job than your regular toothbrush. Since a good electric toothbrush will generally work much better at cleaning teeth, a lot of dentists will actually recommend using one, especially if you have crowns, because they are excellent at removing plaque from between the teeth.

Is Erosion a Concern?

According to a study conducted in 1997 by the Pacific Dental Institute or Portland, Oregon, there is absolutely no evidence that an electric toothbrush will cause any kind of erosion to dental implants including crowns. Even though sonic and electric toothbrushes function at a high rate of speed, there is no evidence that this is a concern for those with dental implants.

What Type of Crowns Do You Have?

Of course, the material your crowns are made of greatly affects their durability. The least durable type of crowns are porcelain crowns. Metal crowns, which use materials like gold allow, nickle, or chromium, are generally the most durable, but least cosmetically-pleasing type of crowns. Porcelain-fused-to-metal gives the best of both worlds, combining the durability of metal crowns with porcelain colored to closely match the color of your teeth.

If You Are Still Concerned…

If you are still concerned about using an electric toothbrush on your teeth, you might want to consider purchasing a model that has a special gentle-brushing feature built into it, such as the Philips Sonicare HX6972 have such a feature. Using a water flosser can also be of great benefit to those with dental implants like crowns. The WaterPik is a a highly-recommended model, and you may want to read our WaterPik Reviews features on the site.